Easy RollBamboo Double®

Roll Up


80 x 215 cm (2x)

Naturally talented

Double the action: The Easy RollBamboo Double is an eye-catcher either in exhibitions or in your showroom. Getting two flies with one swat - this RollUp gives you two advertising opportunities. The double-sided RollUp consists of premium bamboo wood which relates your companies culture or products with the concept of environmental awareness. And the best thing is - it‘s easy.

Can be built-on a few handles
the graphic can be safely stored in the bamboo housing

Specifications Easy RollBamboo Double®

RollUp-Display designated for indoor use, bamboo design


Bamboo Housing
Telescope pole
Transport Bag


Halogen spot 50W
LED-spot 3W


Available sizes
80 x 200 cm = 80 x 215 cm total print size


Print material
DisplayBanner Heavy


6,6 kg


Pack Size
123 x 16 x 21cm

Creating Print Data

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Graphic dimensions

Print size
80 x 215 cm


Visible area
ca. 80 x 200 cm



Please note:

- Create data in print size and add 3mm bleed area
- Consider hidden areas

Checklist data generation

  • correct print size + 3mm bleed area
  • Adequate resolution
  • CMYK color
  • Iso Coated v2 color profile
  • Hidden area considered

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